The BEAST methodology teaches the physical, mental and emotional preparation necessary to become a competitive basketball player. 

What gives athletes a better chance to make the high school team as a freshman: training or playing games?


Focus on your shooting, dribbling, passing, footwork, and defense

Get up 1000s of shots while developing mechanics

Spend hours on skills repetition... and still scrimmage

Train locally & keep your weekends

Coaches are motivated to create better players

Allows time to be a multi-sport athlete

The average player touches the ball 1 minute, 47 seconds/game.

Little time spent on fundamentals & basic skills

More expensive and time-consuming - with less benefit

It doesn't matter if your team is great if you're not

Unnecessary travel

More prone to injury or burnout

There's a place for training AND games. But if you spend all year playing games, you'll never stop to improve on your fundamentals and only cement your bad habits.

It's not one or the other. Spend time training this Spring and Summer - even if you also join a team.

Carlos Humphrey has decades of coaching and training players at every level, from grade school to the NBA and WNBA. He has coached and trained boys and girls, men and women, high school and AAU athletes, and new and experienced players. In fact, he's trained many of the Seattle-area coaches.

In his experience, athletes spend too much time playing games and not enough time stopping to learn and practice the fundamentals needed to make sound players.

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